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HeatCeleste Hogan makes one hell of an impression on Gareth Lewis. In a church of all places, in the middle of a funeral.

He is intrigued by the beautiful, angry young woman.

When they meet, there is a sizzling heat between them, something he has never experienced before.

When he enlists her help as an Accountant and Financial Planner to get his business back on track, the heat level climbs.

Their coming together is sealed by the stars and their loving is explosive, like two meteors colliding.

What is the secret she guards? Can Gareth’s love set her free from her demons?

What is his biggest fear? Can she help him overcome it?

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Heat Teaser 2


The doors of the chapel crashed open hitting the walls with an earth shattering bang. The minister ceased talking and glanced up. Celeste Hogan. She was the last person he’d expected to see today.

The attendees swiveled in their seats. A woman in heels clicked her way down the aisle.

“Nice ass,” Gareth Lewis murmured as his eyes followed her progression. His two younger brothers stared in the same direction as him. The woman had a shock of red hair. It hung in soft curls past her shoulders. Her pale blue skirt swayed with the rhythm of her hips as she made her way forward.

“Mid-thirties, I reckon. Just right for you,” Simon whispered.

Gareth glared at his youngest brother who sat alongside him at the rear of the chapel. When he turned back, the woman stood in front of the minister.

“Peter,” she said.

“Celeste,” the minister acknowledged.

A coffin rested on a table between them. The lid remained up as mourners had been paying their final respects.

Respect! What a fucking joke. She stepped to the side.

The gathering behind her was silent, watching her every move.

Celeste peered down at the elderly woman’s wrinkled face. She appeared peaceful in death. Her hands clasped a tattered photo of a man, woman and child.

She snatched up the picture and took great joy in tearing it into tiny pieces, she watched as they fluttered to the floor. Turning back, she spat in the woman’s face.

A loud gasp echoed through the church.

With one last glance at the minister, she spun on her heel and stomped back down the aisle.

Gareth noted her sad, brown eyes as she approached. Her blue jacket buttoned tightly over a large, well-formed bosom. His knuckles whitened as he rested his fists on his knees. He would love to release the large globes and feel their weight in his hands. His dick danced in his pants at the thought. It’s been too long since I had a woman.

The doors crashed into each other as she pulled them forcefully closed on her way out.

The shocked mourners turned to each other.

“Well, I never. She should be ashamed of her behavior,” one elderly woman exclaimed.

“She should be run out of town,” said another.

“Blasphemy it is. What’s our world coming to when the dead aren’t shown respect?” blustered a middle aged man.

The minister wiped the spittle from Mabel Turner’s face before returning to his position behind the pulpit. He waited for the congregation to settle down.

“Sorry, Peter. Such behavior in a house of worship. You should report it to the police.” The congregation agreed with the elderly man.

Peter lifted his arms, a signal for quiet. The gathering respected his request and fell silent.

“Celeste Hogan has not had an easy life, Mabel Turner was not the best of grandmother’s. I think we all need to forgive her granddaughter’s actions today.”

Gareth had no idea what it was all about, he hadn’t even known his elderly friend had any living relations. What the fuck is going on? Why would her granddaughter spit on her dead grandmother? And, in a church of all places. Mabel was such a nice woman. She had helped Gareth and his two brothers when they had decided to start up their building business. Mabel had told everyone who would listen that the boys were the best builders and renovators in the area. Her recommendations had brought in more work than they could handle.

He slipped from the pew. He wanted to talk to the intriguing woman.






A.L. Simpson I’m an Australian and live in Queensland. I have always loved to write and have a vivid and overactive imagination. In my spare time, when I’m not writing, I love to walk, read and shop. I believe no mountain is too hard to climb, no river is too wide to span and no journey is too difficult to complete. I follow my dreams and I urge and encourage others to do the same. With a positive attitude, the impossible can become possible.

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