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ETERNALLY MIA’s –  Lilly Barrett  034

Mia doesn’t want another man after she found her fiancé bent over his desk with his young clerk.

Noah didn’t want a relationship.

His motto is – Bed em not wed em. That was till Mia started working as his PA and he decides that he wants her; in his office, his home, his bed and his heart.

All he has to do is convince her that she wants him too.

The tragic day that changes her life is indirectly his fault. Forgiveness isn’t easy for Mia but Noah’s determined to fight for what he wants especially when their future depends on it. There’s a lot more at stake than they originally thought. They need to be able to move past their nightmares and find their happily ever after.

The Canadian Rockies sets the background for a white Christmas where they realise that all of their dreams may come crashing down, while they’re stuck in a blizzard with no way to leave.

Sometimes love isn’t enough.81RHe5plBXL__SL1500_


He wanders over on the crutches and sits himself down on the edge of my bed and glances over into the suitcase to see what I’m packing.

“Holy shit, are these what you have on under your clothes?” he grabs up a black lacy thong and matching bra, and holds them up in front of him.

“Give me those, you pervert!” I laugh, grabbing them from him.

“Baby that visual’s just gonna stay in my head now. What other goodies have you got in there?”

“Nothing! Leave them alone, I’m trying to pack.” I smack his hand away as he reaches out to grab a white satin bra with pink ribbons.

“Oh Fuck, you really are gonna kill me. I’ll never be able to look at you again without picturing you wearing these. So, a gift card for Victoria’s Secret is a good gift for Christmas? It can be my present too.” He laughs, leering at me, and wiggling both eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

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A.L. Simpson I’m an Australian and live in Queensland. I have always loved to write and have a vivid and overactive imagination. In my spare time, when I’m not writing, I love to walk, read and shop. I believe no mountain is too hard to climb, no river is too wide to span and no journey is too difficult to complete. I follow my dreams and I urge and encourage others to do the same. With a positive attitude, the impossible can become possible.

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