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Steel: Constant Craving



Welcome to the blog tour for Steel: Constant Craving by Julie Anne Addicott, hosted by Lexis Infinitum PR



My past defines me.
I will always be looking over my shoulder and fighting the demons that haunt my nightmares.
I will always be one step away from the scourge of addiction. One step away from them.

Steel Fallon is everything I love… almost.
He wants me. He craves me. He’s addicted… to me.
In one night, I gave in and let myself fly.
I was high, higher than I’d ever been.

I trusted him. I loved him. I left him.

I walked out of Steel’s life and back into the nightmares of my past. And while I scream for salvation, my heart begs for mercy, but it will never come.

My past defines me.

Steel: Constant Craving is part of a series and cannot be read as a stand alone novel.







He runs a hand through his hair. “We need to talk.”
I tap my foot on the floor and raise a brow. “Take me home.”
“Not until you talk to me.” He leans against the opposite side of the elevator and crosses his arms.
I check my watch, it’s already 5.30pm and I’m stuck in an elevator with Steel Fallon. The air is thick between us, or maybe it’s just the lack of real, fresh air. There’s something though, something that smells a little like me ignoring the desire I feel for Steel, even though he just beat the hell out of Carter. Why is he so damn sexy right now?
“Talk to me, Em.”
I drop my bag on the floor. “No.”
“You can’t keep saying no.”
“Watch me.”
“Talk to me.”
“No, Steel.”
“Em, come on, can we just act like we’re mature adults?”
“Mature? You just punched Carter in the face. How mature is that?”
He takes a step toward me. “We’re not leaving until you talk to me, properly.”
“Well, you’ll be waiting a while. And I know you can’t go too long without your precious cigarettes.” Oh, Ember, that was harsh.
His head drops and for a moment he looks down at his feet, scuffing his toe against the floor. “I can wait.”
“I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.”
“It’s the truth though, right?” He shrugs.
In his eyes I see the same pain, the same fear and hopelessness I used to see in my own eyes. It hurts to know he’s struggling with addictions he cannot control.
I sigh and relax slightly. “What do you want to talk about?”
“That was a quick turnaround.”
I narrow my eyes and try not to smile. Something about Steel brings me undone. Maybe it’s because I understand how he feels, or purely just the fact he’s insanely gorgeous and has muscles on top of muscles. “Talk or take me home.”
One hand is pressed against the wall beside my head. “You broke the rules.”
Ahh, he smells so good. “He wasn’t supposed to tell you.”
Steel scrubs his hands down his face. “I knew something happened. He’s been acting strange all week.” He lets out a heavy sigh. “I called him just before I came up… that’s when he told me.”
“I didn’t want you to know.”
“Tell me what he did to you?”
I sigh. “It doesn’t matter now.”
“Did he hurt you? Because if he did, I’ll kill him.”
I throw my arms in the air. “It was me, okay. I had a bad dream and couldn’t get back to sleep. When I invited him in, we were talking, and one thing led to another.” I lean my head back against the wall. “I freaked out and realised I didn’t want to… with him. I made a mistake.”
Steel’s brow creases and he rubs his neck. “Did he… force you?”
I shake my head. “I told you, Steel, it was me. When I told him to stop, he did, then he left.” Tears spring to my eyes. I hate this feeling of vulnerability, I hate feeling weak and powerless.
Steel tucks my hair behind my ear. “I’m worried about you.”
I give him a tiny smile, and he wipes a tear from my cheek with his thumb. “I… I wanted—” I can’t finish the sentence.
“You wanted what?” he asks.
“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.”
“Tell me.”
Damn. He won’t let this go.
I catch his gaze; his stare is intense. “I wanted to call you, but I felt stupid, okay.” I exhale and drop my head, ashamed, embarrassed… guilty






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A.L. Simpson I’m an Australian and live in Queensland. I have always loved to write and have a vivid and overactive imagination. In my spare time, when I’m not writing, I love to walk, read and shop. I believe no mountain is too hard to climb, no river is too wide to span and no journey is too difficult to complete. I follow my dreams and I urge and encourage others to do the same. With a positive attitude, the impossible can become possible.

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