Awakenings Series


Books 1 & 2

by Lisa Bilbrey

Genre: Erotica, Polyamory

Content Warning: Over 18. Graphic Sex between M/M and F/F, as well as M/M/F/F

Elle Reid and Sadie Williams are best friends, turned lovers. Always considering themselves to be friends with benefits, they opt to let loose and celebrate after landing a high-profile project with the best architecture firm in San Francisco.

Callum Davis and Derek Flores have been best friends since their first year at UCLA. While they’ve admitted their attraction to each other, neither have the courage to act on their feelings, both fearful of losing their friendship. At least, not until they meet Elle and Sadie at Club Venom.

Elle, Sadie, Callum, and Derek embark on a life-changing journey that defies what society tells them is normal. But when you find yourselves in love with multiple partners, how do you choose? And what will happen when their families find out about their unconventional relationship? Is their forbidden awakening worth unraveling the secrets they’ve been keeping?

“Wow, it’s nice,” Sadie said, turning to look at Derek and Callum. “And spacious.”

“It works for us,” he chuckled, closing the door behind him and Callum.

Gasping, Elle realized just want he meant. “We’re working on this project with the two of you?”

Callum glanced at her with a frown. “Did you not know that after we came into the meeting?”

“No, I assumed that you and Derek were a part of a committee or something,” she grumbled, wondering if they’d made a mistake by signing the contracts without considering all their options.

“Dad makes those decisions on his own since it’s his project.” Callum’s tone slow and careful, and Elle felt like an even bigger fool.

“Suppose that makes sense.”

“Is it going to be a problem? Us working together, I mean?” Derek asked, but before she could respond, Sadie spoke.

“No, of course not.” She gave Elle a look that meant they’d talk about it later. “So, which desk is mine?”

Derek looked from her to Elle and back before he smiled. “Whichever one you want, honey.”

“I’ll take this one.” Sadie walked over and slid her hand across the desk closer to the window, and looked over at Elle. “Is that okay with you?”

Elle nodded, unable to say anything more. A sickening feeling washed over her, and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about Leo. The difference between now and then, of course, was that Elle wasn’t a naïve college girl, but there was more than just her education on the line. Her career was in jeopardy.

“Well, this is awkward.” Callum sighed, placing his hands on his hips. “It’s clear that the four of us need to . . . discuss our relationship, so why don’t we have lunch together? My treat.”

“Sounds good,” Sadie agreed before turning her attention to her. “Elle?”

Biting on her bottom lip, she shifted her eyes from Sadie to Derek, and then onto Callum. “I guess we do need to talk, and I’d rather not do that here at the office, so lunch is fine, but I insist on paying for me and Sadie.”

Callum looked like he was going to protest, but then nodded. “Okay, it’s a date.”

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Two bullets — one just under her right breast and the other in the middle of her left leg. That’s all it had taken to destroy Elle Reid, to leave her weak and useless. Just two little bullets.

Elle gave into her desires and allowed herself to love. The road to redemption hasn’t been easy for her, or her lovers, but together, she, Sadie, Callum, and Derek strive for a life of peace and harmony. But will they get their happily ever after, or will a madwoman’s quest for revenge shattered their dreams?

Elle hummed, but didn’t say anything else. She was being ridiculous. Callum would never hurt her on purpose, and she was being silly.

Callum sighed and pressed his lips against the side of her neck. “I worry about you.”

“I’m fine.” The words were hollow and fake, filled with an emptiness that she couldn’t deny because she was anything but fine.

“So you say, but yet, I can tell that you’re pissed,” he argued, keeping his lips firmly against her skin. “Please, just talk to me.”

Her lips trembled. “I don’t know what you want me to say,” she whispered, shocked by how vulnerable she sounded.

“Why didn’t you join us this morning?” he asked.

Elle’s shoulders tensed.

“I miss touching you.”

“I miss you touching me, too,” she admitted, and guilt filled her. She was losing him, losing all three of them, and all because she couldn’t let go of her anger.

Callum slid his hand around to her stomach, flattening his palm before slipping it into her pants. As his hand traveled south, Elle’s breathing became thick and she struggled to keep from turning to goo.

“Can I love you?” he whispered.

“I . . . I . . .” She trailed off, but before she could say anything more, the door to the kitchen opened and she pulled herself out of Callum’s arms as Derek and Sadie stumbled inside. They were laughing as they shifted their attention from her to Callum and back, their smiles slowly floating away. “Sorry. I . . . I . . .”

Once more, she trailed off as she stumbled across the kitchen, pushed her way between Sadie and Derek, and out of the kitchen. Her heart was racing as she hobbled across the room to the stairs. With tears burning inside her eyes, she attempted to go upstairs, but just as she placed her foot on the fifth step, her leg gave out on her and she fell. A loud scream erupted from her chest as she hit each step, before finally stopping on the cold, hardwood floor.

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Obsessive, compulsive, slightly crazed, but enough about her personality. First and foremost, Lisa Bilbrey is a mom to three and a wife to one. She loves to write, and spends the majority of everyday writing. It’s who she is, and what she’s meant to be doing. Words are her life, the air she breathes, and the nutrients of her soul. Finding a love in the written word, Lisa Bilbrey started writing as a way to express herself and let her voice be heard. From the first word she wrote, she’d found her heart and soul.

Always willing to learn, she’s spends much of her time trying to improve as a storyteller.

The Bet


Title: The Bet
Series: Carnal Bets #1
Author: D.K. Combs
Genre: erotic contemporary romance


Make her orgasm, right there in the theater. This was the bet that started the end, the bet that changed his life.

Catfished and stuck with a sleezeball for a date, Bristol is miserable and angry. Screw Tinder and swiping right, she just wanted a quick one night stand. With a fake as her date, she doesn’t expect the night to end on a good note…until she sees him. When her eyes land on the dark, sinfully handsome man at the concession stand of the movie theater, she’s unprepared when he sits right next to her.

Every bet has a price; it’s just a matter of how far you’re willing to go.

Noah never would have guessed that the haughty, condescending woman he saw at the concession line would turn out to be a fireball of lust and desperation. Getting her to climax in the middle of a movie? No problem. Getting her out of his head afterward? Definitely a problem.


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Sneak peek

“I was supposed to be a gentleman tonight.” He dropped his forehead to her thigh, gently nipping the skin there. He could pull back, but something…told him not to.

“You are,” she murmured, her voice nothing but a breath of excited air. “But I’m a lady in distress.”

Meaning, /take her/.


Author bio

D.K. Combs is an author of erotica, historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance. She’s surrounded by the Great Lakes with her supportive husband, son, and of course, her German Shepherd. Combs began writing long before the exposition of her most famous title to date, The Highlander’s Touch. Writing has always been her passion and creating creatures with no true name and the women that fall for them is what she considers a great way to live. When not writing, Combs is reading. Her idea of heaven is a whole day of nothing and well… maybe a good cup of Joe.

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Title: Mercy
Series: Mercy. Bound. Released. #1
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: dark erotica


Everyone knows the story where the beautiful girl gets taken by a monster. The one where the monster ends up being some poor tortured soul with a fucked up past. Love prevails, and then they live happily ever fucking after.

Well, this is my story, and it isn’t a fairytale.

I loved my monster too. But that was before he took me.

My reality is dark.

His demons are darker.

Mercy is NOT for the faint of heart.


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Sneak peek

Chapter One


I hated to admit it, but I was a sucker for a good psychopath. The sinister, mischievous smile always seemed to get me. It didn’t help that some of my own screws got knocked loose awhile ago.

But I was a good person once.

Being a good person ruined my life.

I waited too late in the day to go for my run, but sitting in the house had made me restless. The knife I had hidden underneath the bathroom sink kept whispering for me to take it out. If I didn’t leave, I’d end up playing in a puddle of my blood, getting higher than a kite.

So, there I was, jogging down the barren road, Lana Del Rey blasting through my earbuds. The sun was obscuring my vision, but even partially blinded I could see the dog in the middle of the street. And the car that was approaching, speeding up instead of slowing down.

My moral obligation had me sprinting to scoop the brown and white bundle into my arms. Tires screeched, I screamed, and the car swerved around me. If my bladder had been full, I would’ve pissed my pants.

I pulled the earphones out in time to hear a sleuth of expletives come from inside the large muscle car. The driver had stopped over on the side of the road; his once shiny vehicle now covered in dust. The smell of burnt rubber lingered in the humid air.

Casting a nervous glance back at the classic car, I assessed the dog in my arms and began walking up the street on shaky legs. Away from the angry driver.

The engine revved and tires spun. With a speed that had dust particles rising back into the air, the car zipped passed me just so the driver could cut me off. I had a vague idea of who the driver was.

“What the fuck are you doing?” A man opened the driver door and began to get out. My mind flashed with instant recognition. He had sunglasses on, and I could still feel his eyes burning holes into me.

“You were going to hit him.” I adjusted the small dog in my arms, feeling his wiry fur scratch against my bare skin.

“So you risked your life for a stupid animal?”

“Don’t call him stupid! If you had been driving like a normal person, instead of trying to go fast like a typical douche bag with a sports car, you would have seen him.”

“I wouldn’t have changed course,” he shrugged.

“Then you’re a douche bag and an asshole. Congratulations.” I glared at him and walked passed the trunk, feeling his eyes follow me.

“Morgana,” said a deep voice with an intoxicating amount of sultriness. The amusement in his tone now that he realized who I was irritated me.

“Fucking awesome,” I muttered, turning to face him. Of all people to come in contact with on a barren country road, I run into, Julian Andreou.

The sunglasses on his face may have prevented me from seeing his eyes. But they didn’t hide his prominent jawline, his slight stubble, or the dark eyebrow he had raised at me.

“I was distracted.” He gave me a smile that had deep dimples appearing on his cheeks. Like water on a flame, my immediate anger doused.

“No apology for almost killing me?” He towered above my height of five-four, leaving me no choice but to frown up at him. My reflection looked back at me in his Aviators. God, I looked a hot mess. Strands of baylage brunette hair had escaped my fishtail braid, and a tiny bit of perspiration coated my bronze skin.

He reached up and removed his sunglasses, allowing the full intensity of his gaze to meet mine. His green hues were smiling, causing my stomach to dip for an entirely different reason.

Julian was a gorgeous, immaculately groomed man, and I knew he was indubitably aware of his attractiveness. His ego didn’t need any more strokes, so I always chose to act indifferent. This, in my opinion, is what made him so ‘interested’ in me.

That weird thing people do where one pulls away, so the other follows. That’s what this had to be. He was a patient wolf who wore a suit, and I was the little lamb he wanted to devour.

“I was distracted by staring at you. Something I’ve been doing for close to a year now.” He enunciated each word slowly. As if I could ever forget someone like him, kept trying to ask me out.

He dragged his burning gaze up and down my body. Cognizant I was only wearing a sports bra and tiny yoga shorts; the dog became my shield against his ogling.

“Goodbye, Julian.”

Shaking my head, I turned on my heel and continued walking. Seconds later, a door slammed shut, and he pulled off. I couldn’t hide my amused smile when his car pulled up beside me, moving forward at a snail’s pace.

“Get in the car, Morgan. I’ll take you home,” his smooth baritone voice softly called out to me.

The rumors about his family swirled around in my head. My cheeks heated in shame when I realized what I was doing. Judging him. Just like everyone in town did me.

The people who knew the least about you always had the most to say. In Riverview, a girl giving a boy a small kiss on the cheek spun into a story about her giving blowjobs in the church.

It was a quaint town, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you were someone like me. A girl that had been smacked with a crazy label.

Riverview gossip spread faster than wildfires. They took a truth, twisted it, and ran wild with lies. When someone found out a tidbit of information about me, I was suddenly a weird recluse that belonged in a freak show.

“Come on, Morgana. I only want to take you home.” His words were saturated with double meaning. I glanced over expecting to see his cocky signature smirk, but all he gave me was a genial smile.

I shouldn’t have considered his offer, but I did. My house was a good thirty minutes away. Satan had lit Hellfires on earth; the heat was kicking my ass, and the dog in my arms felt like he’d been put in an oven.

“Okay,” I omitted, slanting my eyes down to the blacktop and walking around his car. The dog turned its head but didn’t do much else.

Julian climbed out and quickly came around to open the passenger door for me. Once I was settled into the cool leather seat, he went back to the driver side.

Something in my head was telling me this was a terrible idea.



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Author bio

Natalie Bennett has always been an avid fan of all things dark and twisted, so it only made sense for her to write what she loves. She brings to life unapologetic antiheroes you love to hate and strong heroines who refuse to be broken.

Natalie writes Dark Paranormal & Dark Erotica with romantic elements. She doesn’t censor her writing and let’s her stories tell themselves. If you pick up one of her books expecting a typical HEA, you won’t find one.


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by Vanessa Liebe

Genre: Collections & anthologies, contemporary erotica

Indulge in five stories of voyeuristic erotica, where the voyeurs find themselves wet or hard and longing for something more. Will they get it?

In Good Neighbors, Mandy accidentally spies on her neighbors’ twenty-year-old son, John, sunbathing naked in the garden, and can’t resist using the moment to relieve some tension. When another opportunity to watch him presents itself, Mandy finds she is unable to turn away, but she’s not expecting a confrontation with John in the morning where she discovers just what a good neighbor he can be.

Room with a View tells the story of James, a business man staying in a hotel for a conference. He’s unprepared for his room to come with clear sight of the occupants in an apartment opposite, or the show they put on. For two nights, he has a titillating spectacle and then he is invited over to indulge in a private show involving wax play and to participate in an exhilarating threesome.

In Voyeur’s Initiation, we meet nineteen-year-old Alana, an avid voyeur who has learnt a lot about sexual diversity from watching her neighbors. She thinks she knows what she likes until she is caught red-handed watching a couple having oral sex in a changing room and takes them up on their offer to participate. Can they show her what she really needs?

Forbidden Temptation is the story of Megan and her guardian. She comes home from university to see her guardian pleasuring himself whilst thinking of her. Finally having the proof she needs that he desires her, she is determined that he gives in to temptation. When he does, it results in a delicious spanking for Megan and much more.

Skinny Dip sees Adam, a landscape gardener, becoming an unintentional voyeur to a beautiful lady taking a skinny dip, before pleasuring herself. What Adam doesn’t know is that the lady is his employer, having chosen him deliberately as she wants more from him than his gardening skills.

Alana was so absorbed and was madly stroking her clit when the man suddenly flung his head back in pleasure as he came in the woman’s mouth. She had a close-up of his handsome face and received a big shock when he opened gorgeous green eyes and looked right at her, giving her a wink.

She gulped and blushed, embarrassed at being caught spying on them, yet unable to look away from him.

“Why don’t you come and join us, sweetheart, instead of standing up there?” he said. “I saw you admiring my cock in the swimming pool earlier.”

Alana chewed her full bottom lip, wondering if she had heard correctly and whether she should indeed join them.

The blonde meanwhile had swallowed the hunk’s cum greedily and stood up. She also looked up at Alana and smiled. “Yes, come and join us. It’s a pity to only watch.”

Alana felt nervous but she was keen to join them. They were so sexy and maybe this was the right time to let someone actually touch her body.

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Vanessa Liebe is the author of fun, sexy erotic romance and erotica, both contemporary and historical. She mostly writes in the Fantasy and Paranormal categories as she likes a man with bite.

Vanessa is married with three children and resides in Hampshire, South East England. When not house training her children, reading or writing, she likes to sit in the garden with a glass of rose wine.


Mile High


by M.B. Feeney

Genre: Erotica

When Taryn Caine was assigned a long haul flight on a private jet hired by Blazed, the hottest new band around, she never expected to end up screwing the lead vocalist, Max Reeves.

Max certainly rubbed Taryn up the wrong way from the moment he stepped foot on the jet, but can he rub her the ‘right’ way by the end of it?


Making sure everyone else was asleep, he took hold of her hand, his many rings glinting under the dimmed overhead lights. Without a word, he led her along the aisle to the back of the plane to the boardroom that the band and their team had vacated just two hours previously.

Locking the door behind them, Max turned to her, a small smile on his face and lust darkening his eyes even more than the dark brown they already were. Still not speaking, he undid the buttons on her shirt, eyeing the name badge sitting just above her left breast; Taryn Caine would be screaming his name in less than an hour. Grinning, Max slid the white cotton off her shoulders, leaving it to fall in a puddle on the carpet at their feet. His large hands cupped her voluptuous breasts through the lace of her black bra, brushing against her nipples with the tips of his thumbs.

Pushing him away from her, she reached behind her, undid the clasp and let the bra join her shirt.

“Fucking beautiful tits,” he murmured as he bent his head and ran the tip of his tongue around one nipple, then the other, before pulling them between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, pinching and rolling them as he kissed her hard.

Slowly, she began to walk backwards, until the back of her legs hit the cool leather of one of the seats around the meeting table. Moving back away from him, she sank into the chair, pulling him to his knees.

“Spread your legs for me, beautiful,” he demanded. Parting her knees, she lifted them and hooked them over the arms either side of her, giving him full view of her pussy under the short skirt of her uniform. “No panties?” He was impressed, knowing he’d definitely caught a flash of black lace earlier in the flight as she’d bent over to pick some rubbish up. “That’s a bit presumptuous, isn’t it?”

“Maybe I was hedging my bets.” Her voice was husky, and she couldn’t hide how turned on she was just from a kiss and his playing with her nipples. Grinning, he leaned forward and ran his tongue along her slit causing her to shiver. He noted she wasn’t completely bare, but neatly trimmed. His dick approved as it hardened against the zip of his jeans. His beard scratched against the soft skin inside her thighs, heightening her arousal.

“This is going to be fun,” he mumbled against her, making sure the vibrations from his deep voice hit her clit, making her squirm in the chair against him. Grinning, he began to tease the bundle of nerves with the tip of his tongue. To stop her wriggling around, he reached up with one hand to caress and tease one of her breasts, effectively pinning her to the chair with a strong, tattooed arm.

Her moans of disappointment filled the room when he stood up without warning.

“Don’t move,” he commanded, not looking at her.

Through lidded eyes, she watched him walk to the door, open it, and lean his torso out. When he closed and relocked the door, he turned to face her holding a cushion in his hands. The look on his face was pure determination as he stalked towards her, making her slightly nervous but even more turned on. When he reached her, legs still spread on the chair, he lifted her arse off it and slid the soft cushion beneath her. Kneeling down once more, he plunged his tongue into her warm depth as he circled her clit with a thumb, putting just the right amount of pressure onto it. Her moaning increased in volume as he swapped them over and began to tease her g-spot with his fingertips while nibbling and teasing her clit to a hardened peak. It didn’t take long for her orgasm to overcome her, and she was soon thrashing in the chair. When her body finally stilled, he removed his fingers from her and licked her juices from them while watching her try to gain control of her breathing.

“Your turn.” She finally found her voice and stood up, looking down at him. She held out her hand and pulled him to his feet and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. When neither could breathe, she pulled away and undid his belt to pull down his ripped jeans. “No underwear; a bit presumptuous, isn’t it?” Teasingly, she echoed his words as she turned them so the back of his knees rested against the chair she’d just vacated.

“Well, maybe I was hedging my bets as well.”

Without responding, she pushed him back into the warm chair with a soft shove, fell to her knees and began to run her hand up and down his dick, tightening her grip slightly near the head. He threw his head back, his dark brown, almost black, hair whispering on the leather of the chair as she used her other hand to cup his balls and used her fingertips to stroke his perineum, which elicited a hiss.

Taking his rock hard cock into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the swollen head, making sure her tongue piercing ran across the thick vein on the underside of his length. She could hear his breathing become shallow and erratic, so she relaxed her throat and took him further into her mouth until the tip hit the back of her throat.

“Jesus, you have a damn talented mouth, sweetheart.” Max’s head fell against the headrest of the leather chair, his eyes rolling back in his head. “I bet the regulars love you.”

Taryn let his cock fall from her mouth and glared at him.

“Don’t be an arsehole.” She may not have been giving him what had been shaping up to be one of the best blowjobs he’d ever had any longer, but she was still working him with her hand, and it was getting harder to concentrate on thinking and verbalising himself clearly.

“Sure, sweetheart. You’ve just been sucking my dick, you work for a private airline, and you’re telling me you haven’t done this before?” Max smirked as she continued to both glare at him and stroke him.

“I’m telling you I haven’t done this before… however, I did tongue-fuck another flight attendant last month, making her come harder than she’d ever come before.”

It wasn’t often that Max was struck dumb, but at that very moment in time he couldn’t say a word as he watched Taryn lick the head of his cock, running the tip of her tongue along the slit, making him hiss as she slid her mouth back onto him. He was picturing her licking another woman’s pussy, and the imagery made him even harder.

Hollowing her cheeks, Taryn sucked harder and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. It had been a long time since she’d been on her knees for a guy, but there was something about Max Reeves. Physically, he wasn’t her type at all—too much ink and pieces of metal in his face and ears—but when he spoke, the charm oozed out of every pore. Coupled with his thick East London accent that gave him his ‘cheeky chappy’ persona when he spoke, Taryn knew something would happen between them during their twenty-four hour flight; she just hadn’t expected it to happen within five hours of take-off.

“Fuck, stop or I’m gonna come in your mouth, and let’s be honest, that’s a fucking waste.” Max pulled his cock from her mouth and pulled her closer to him. Her full, bare breasts felt heavy in his hands as he cupped them, teasing her large brown nipples with his thumbs. “I want to come on these beauties.” His words were more of a demand than a request, so Taryn began to pump his dick, taking her time to bring him to the brink. It didn’t take long for his body to tense, his head to fall back, and for hot come to stripe across her chest.

Slowing her hand, she watched as he lifted his head to look at her. She locked eyes with him as she ran a fingertip through the thick liquid cooling on one of her nipples and placed it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, ensuring she tasted every last drop of his juices.

“Woman… I’ve had a fair few blowjobs in my time, and yours definitely ranks in the top three.” He watched her, to gauge her reaction to his words, but her face was unreadable as she stood up and walked over to the drinks cabinet to remove a towel to clean her chest. “But, having said that, I’m not finished with you just yet.”

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6578767M. B. Feeney is an army brat who finally settled down in Birmingham, UK with her other half, two kids and a dog. Currently at university studying for her BA (Hons) in primary teaching, she procrastinates on her assignments by listening to music of all genres and trying to get ‘just one more paragraph’ written on whichever WIP is open. She is also a serious doodler and chocoholic. Writing has been her one true love ever since she could spell, and publishing is the final culmination of her hard work and ambition.

Her publishing career began with two novellas, and she currently has multiple projects under way whilst Honour, a compilation of her own military based shorts, was released in November 2013 and her short novel, The One That Got Away was released February 2015. Always having something on the go can often lead to block which eventually gets dissolved by good music and an even better book.

Her main reason for writing is to not only give her readers enjoyment, but also to create a story and characters that stay with readers long after the book is finished, and possibly make someone stop and think “what if…”