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The Summer of ’71


You’re in a foreign country wearing a strapless, full length metallic dress that looks like paint, four inch heels on a cobblestoned street, your eyes are painted black, rhinestones pasted to your lids, you have no money, no plans, and have attached yourself to a rocker who intends to make you his pleasure in exchange for a bed and a semblance of security. He gets arrested and now you’re alone on the street, cannot retrieve your bags, know no one else, don’t speak Italian, the predators start to circle and you’re a piece of fresh meat.

He’s sitting by the fountain, playing his guitar. A young but brilliant American who spends each summer in the rich medieval villa of his aristocratic mother. He stands up for you and fights off the carnivorous Italian men.

Summer of ’71 is a story of hopelessness, resurrection, friendship, infatuation and love. Set against a backdrop of the ancient city of Rome, it’s ruins, monuments, museums and café society, it is the whirlwind romance of a young prodigy, handsome, entitled, brilliant and alone and a down on her luck fashion model, abused, mistreated and desperate for salvation.

The first book in the Art Historian Superhero Series, this story launches the lives of two fascinating people who find happiness and enlightenment in one another. It is always romantic, sometimes erotic, and written with the loving hand of an art historian, sharing the wonders of the ancient city in the turbulent times of the social revolution.

5* Review Quotes

“This is an incredible read based in Rome and New York that blends incredible history and culture and an incredible love story.”

“Great flow of writing from a very knowledgeable , passionate writer , of The Arts, Literatures and History, by Rebecca Branch.”

“I just finished reading Summer of 71 and want to give you my impressions of this fascinating, intriguing, engaging, soulful and ultimately hopeful story about two of the most interesting people you are likely to encounter on the printed page.”


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About the Author

Rebecca Branch lives in New York and is the mother of two daughters.

Professionally, she is an architect, but she trained in Art History and Archaeology in her youth at UC Berkeley for her undergraduate degree and Columbia University for her Ph.D.

Although she modeled occasionally for Donna Karan and Calvin Klein while in college and up into her early thirties, her first professional job out of school was as an assistant to the curator of Greco-Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

She lectures on the architecture and town planning of the Roman Empire and practices interior design and architecture at an international firm based in New York City.